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Smaller government, lower taxes – what is the Tea Party really saying?

December 14th, 2012 · No Comments

– Robert Light

There is great confusion in the United States over the advent of the “Tea Party”…. some say “TEA” means “Taxed Enough Already”.   Everyone is amazed that such a grass-roots movement just “sprang to life” and has become a dominant force in today’s political discourse.

But what are the Tea Party folks really saying?  Yeah… they think taxes are too high…but what are they really saying?  If for every dollar in taxes you paid, you got a 1 carat diamond in return, you wouldn’t be complaining about your taxes – right?   What is money anyways?…why does it always have to come down to an issue of money?

The answer is quite simple.  Money is the way we measure “contribution”, the way we measure “value”.   When the Tea Party folks complain about taxes being too high, they are saying quite simply…we are NOT getting a good “value” for our tax dollars.  The Tea Party people believe that, in general, our taxes are not spent wisely by our Federal and State governments and that too much of our money is spent on people (typically bureaucrats) who do not produce anything of value.

The Tea Party view is that government should stick to the basics: providing services and facilities that we cannot obtain by acting as individuals or as smaller communities.  Building a military comes high on the list…but commanding us to spend our own money on medical insurance is NOT on the list.  The Tea Party is looking to the leaders it votes for to be responsible stewards of our communal treasure chest – using the money wisely and making sure we see value for every dollar.

Pick an issue, when you see our government wanting to spend billions to put on a show trial in NYC for a person who has confessed to being the mastermind behind 9/11 – we are not getting our value – he should be expeditiously tried in Gitmo and dispatched quickly to his 72 virgins after due process.  When you see our government spending millions of dollars suing Arizona over a law that allows it to enforce laws that the Federal government “should be” enforcing but is not…this is a waste  of our money.   When our government spends millions finding and imprisoning terrorists and then turns around and gives them to Yemen or Saudi Arabia so they can be repatriated back to their terrorists compatriots – this is a waste of money.

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