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Other family’s priorities – at what point do they involve me?

October 28th, 2013 · No Comments

– Robert Light

I’m just going to say what I think a lot of people think….

The strange thing about discourse in today’s “healthcare debate” is that somehow a medical bill is ‘different’ in some way from any other kind of bill – that it’s somehow verboten that a medical bill should come in and wipe out a family’s savings. If a family didn’t insure their home against fire – and a fire breaks out – their home (and most probably most of their assets) go up in smoke and they are left broke – I don’t hear people screaming that we should subsidize fire insurance…??

I know that finances are tight in any family – and some people complain that it is either “food” or “medical insurance”…. yet I think if we really look at the finances of people who say “it’s food or insurance”… we would find that these families have prioritized many things (not just food) ahead of purchasing a minimal health insurance policy – I’m sure these families have a TV (maybe more than one)… they probably pay a cable bill monthly… I’m sure you would find cell phones…an IPOD or two… a car (or 2).

I don’t begrudge people buying these other “things” and I don’t begrudge people setting their own priorities – but when you start taking money out of my pocket so that you can afford all those things that you prioritize higher than buying health insurance – then that’s a different story. If you want my money – then ask me – I am very charitable – but don’t steal it from me and call it “my obligation”. It is my obligation to help – if you ask me, but it is not my obligation if you steal my money.

Use of public taxation to pay for health insurance for people who are lower income but “not poor” is not like use of public taxes to pay for a military – the rich pay vastly more in taxes yet when the military protects their person and property it is not in any way diminished by the fact that lots and lots of other people who didn’t pay a nickel – are also protected. Not so with public taxes being used to subsidize the purchase of health insurance for lower income families. Every dollar the government takes from my pocket in order to make it cheaper for a lower income person to buy a product (insurance) – that dollar is not available to me to purchase my cell phone – yet it frees up a dollar for the lower income person to purchase his cellphone.

Yes, the government in the U.S. has created a business environment that has made healthcare insanely expensive – more than it needs to be and there is much we could do to set up rules that would reduce the cost of healthcare – and thus reduce the cost of healthcare insurance….and there is much the government can do to allow people with pre-existing conditions to purchase health insurance at a reasonable rate… but let’s not let that derail this discussion.

The basic tenet of Obamacare is simply income and asset redistribution – and in the process it has trampled a lot of basic principles that the economy and society in the USA is built upon – the chief among them being personal responsibility, private property and our personal responsibility to help our fellow man.

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