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We’re missing the point….

October 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

– Robert Light

Please tell me where I’m going wrong:

It seems that we’ve lost track of the central issue with respect to Obamacare… the question isn’t whether or not Obamacare can be made to work.

The question is “SHOULD” it be made to work?

The central question that seems to be conceded even by some conservatives is:

What obligation do I have to pay a non-poor person money so the non-poor person can buy a product cheaper than I can buy it?

If you are poor, sick, elderly (where I do have a civic obligation) that’s a different story…if you are not… why does the state have a role in redistributing wealth to those who aren’t in poverty?

If the non-poor person gets my money to buy a product, the non-poor person has more money left over to go out to dinner, buy a nice TV, a car …whatever. And I have less money to go out to dinner, buy my nice TV or get a better car.

This is a central and core question.

The obscene element of this whole charade is that government has regulated and messed up the healthcare system so much (in the last 30 years) that healthcare costs 2-3x what it costs in other developed countries… and THEN the government uses the excuse that the cost of insurance is so high that they have to slather on a mess like Obamacare to make it possible for the non-poor to be insured.

Why not set up a regulatory environment which allows healthcare to be delivered at a reasonable cost so that health insurance can be reasonably priced?

Right now, the only people making money in the healthcare business are the lawyers and the insurance companies.

ppppsssttt… guess who created Obamacare?…. lawyers and insurance companies…. surprised?

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