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…and the band drones on.

March 10th, 2013 · No Comments

– Robert Light

Let’s get something straight… the argument should have absolutely nothing to do with drones.   I’m quite surprised that nobody seems to be making this point.  Is it that drones bring some kind of reminiscence of “The Terminator” to life?   What on earth is the difference between a person telling a pilot of an F16 to release a hellfire missile down on someone in Yemen and the same person tapping the guy sitting at the drone console in some bunker burried in some mountain here at home….either way, the guy at the other end of the missile is dead.

Is it the “remote control” nature of the killing?  Is that what people are droning on about (pun intended)?  Why is it more “remote” when done at a pseudo game console vs. when it is done by pushing a red button inside an F16… or for that matter, a trigger on a sniper rifle?  If you want to get rid of the remoteness…I suppose we should go back to using a sword.

So now we get to what Senator Rand Paul was droning on about in front of the Senate for 13 hours.  It wasn’t about “drones”…though perhaps that is what started him on his quest… it was the concept of whether or not the President of the USA has the constitutional right/power to order the killing of an American citizen on U.S. Soil if that person was not posing an imminent threat against anyone (ie: sitting at a cafe).

Senator Paul was justified in asking this question because AG Holder made a huge point of equivocating about the answer to this very simple question during his interview before the Senate subcommittee that Senator Paul was on.  The fact that AG Holder could not give a single one syllable answer to this question when asked over and over again by Senator Cruz – led everyone (including me) to wonder if the President could actually be thinking that he indeed had this power under the U.S. Constitution.

The fact that many people in Washington D.C. as well as many people in the press can’t seem to get their brains wrapped around the validity of this most basic of concerns – concerns me greatly indeed.

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